A holistic coaching program that journeys you through lifestyle – transformation without the push. We inculcate a personalized fitness and nutrition regiment as a day-to-day habit to keep in your best physical and mental shape. The program instills a positive approach to life – helping you identify the emotional, physical, biochemical ,and electromagnetic stressors in your environmental to alleviate stress and modify behavior.

Things you need to know about this plan:

1)Once you sign up for this program, we will get on a zoom call at a mutually decided time to discuss your goals, your eating habits and your lifestyle. Post that we are going to discuss what macros are and how you are supposed to eat according to your goals.
2) Weekly one virtual nutritional consultation, total 4 virtual meeting per month.


Lead a Healthy Lifestyle:

₹3000/m (discount 50%)

Weekly one virtual consultation

Total 4 consultation per month